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Nuclear Negligence "Album Review" Feb. 24th 2003.

Hello, My name is Stewart located on the Gold Coast, QLD, Australia. I currently run a Christian music ministry.. which has the vision of reaching out to the Un-Saved through Christian music. As part of this i work as a DJ. I also produce and present 2 radio shows 1 on a Christian station and 1 on a secular station that allows me to produce a christian format). I have heard some of the material that you have to offer on and WOW!!! Thank you for taking the time to send your CD. And yes you were blew me away...very tidy awesome in whole. I dont know where to start...WOW!!! I have to say that it is different to alot of music in the scene, and powerful in style, output and lyrically. The songs to pick for airplay???? All could be played on the show, and I doubt that any of them will miss airplay..saying this, I find it better to choose 1 song to base recognition, and have a backup to bring in not too long after. I think I will be promoting "Filthy Rags" as the debut song! And I know "Who Will Remain" will be the next on the playlist. Oh... have you got a name for track 10? I have a perfect show to place that into - i think it was a cool idea to put it on the CD, it shows your talent in more debth and also explores a whole new world of electronica that many of your listeners may not have experienced yet.

I know that all of the tracks i play off your CD will be a seed sown into the lives of all that hear it, and i pray that from it's promotion that the promotion of Christ comes with it, along with recognition for Hearken. God bless you, the band and your families.

Stewart Ball: Gold Coast Hwy Surfers Paradise QLD Australia.

Nocturn Metal Radio show from Romania: "March 2002"
I have received your cd and I must tell you that everything sounds great! It is technic death metal it is exactly the way death metal should sound! The most important thing: the diversity of songs. There is no monotony - do you agree? It seems that today's bands have problems with monotony. I haven't listened to your band before but one thing is for sure: you are one of the best bands from U.S.A. The future is yours! Be sure that you'll get the best promotion here!

DYING INFOS FANZINE from Indonesia: HEARKEN (Texas-USA)-"Arise" CS(Self-released). This Texan trio came with Florida Death Metal style. Many mid-paced tempos that really complex. Their riffs is technical too with some nice and great guitar solos. B.J. Southard vocals is deep-pitched growl with high power and sometimes higher. This tape contains only 2 songs. Lyrics inside that taken from book or whatever like Thessalonians. For Eternal Life Read Romans, Isaiah, Psalm, etc. Great sound productions and great cover artwork. Well-executed technical brutal Christian death metal. Great band. Very extremely high recommended. Rated=XXXXX
Rating system for this Review:

Sanctuary International Review: These guys are straight forward Death Metal. The vocals grind, the guitars whale, and the drums kick double bass! More then this bands ability to jam up there with the elite in this style of music, is that of their Ministry. With only a two song E.P. this band has a killer outreach. They play wherever they can (many times for little or nothing), and have really made an impact on their audience wherever they go. Keep your eyes on this band! Fans of Mortification, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Carcass etc. will dig these guys. Keep them in prayer, they are reaching out to one of the darkest edge's of humanity.

HM-Issue #72 indie reviews: Taken directly from Scripture, all lyrics on this two song tape proclaim the praise of the Lord, drawing from Isaiah, Psalms, Proverbs, Galatians, etc. But as you might expect from good Death Metal, everything is growled, and instruments are low, strong, and quick. "Interesting to hear Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord" done in this musical context.

HM-Issue #73 Texas Rockfest Review: Hearken arrived, and played their tasty Death Metal, which was popular with all the Metalheads.

Wreathe Of Thorns; from New Zealand-Issue #7 Arise demo: The Arise demo's title song, churns out one of the best Death tracks, that has been released in some time. B.J. Southard's vocals are really strong and not cheesy. Kind of like a deathier Etheral Scourge meets Joe Espinoza from Disencumbrance. The drumming is supreme with plenty of blast beats, stop start etc, which is not really around much these days in modern Death Metal. The guitar tone is rather thin, but is played with precision throughout, including lead. The only other track, "Discernment" grinds it out slower just to show us they can be diverse. The production is quite good just wish ther was more guts in the guitar. Other than that, this 3 peice from Texas is a band on top of the heap.

Parable Zine Issue #8: This little indie cassette surprised me, to say the least. I have to admit that the name Hearken caught me off guard too. It's a great name, especially for brutal Metal such as this. Ever since I saw this cassette, it had my attention. Great artwork and pro-packaging immediately threw up a big "hello"! I remember listening to Hearken for the first time abut 3 months ago, and I recall the first song Arise. This drummer is incredible, dear readers. Since my brief exposure to Hearken through video footage from 1997 Rockfest, I've been a fan of their diverse death drenched riffs. The second song on this cassette is called Discernment. This song brings some diversity out into your head, while also adding a pounding thud to your speakers. This song is the slower of the two. The tape tops just over about 9 minutes and is well worth the sample. I emphasize the word "sample". Let's hope Hearken has some more surprises up their sleeve. Instead of ending this review saying, "Let's just wait until, and see if they release a CD." Don't wait and pass up on this worthy demo. I didn't, so neither should you.

WBYO Pennsylvania: Dude I got your demo last night, IT ROCKS!!!! Jenn & I were discussing your testimony on the air. You are a real light to the Christian world. Thanks for the cassette, and if you release a full length CD, keep us in mind. I will begin playing your music in rotation next week. The Z-Man& Jenn (The Metal Sanctuary).

Critical Mass Zine- Tom Edmonson Editor: It was obvious from the band's name and their lyrics, that Hearken is what I call a Ministry band. A visit to their website, and that is all the more obvious. Sometimes Ministry bands focus more on the message than on the music. But that is not the case here.... When I first started listening to this tape I was taken back, by the heavines, and professionalness of Hearken's music. Most of all, it is really good. Hearken sounds like a perfect blending of Mortification's Scrolls of the Megilloth, and Living Sacrifice's Inhabit. This is not a vague comparison at all. Get this tape and you'll hear 8+ minutes of solid grinding, interesting Metal. I didn't know an American band could sound this way.

The Holy Scroll- Issue #6: This is the very best demo I've ever heard in a very long time. This is Death Metal with Life. And the reason I call it what I call it, is because the music is very loud, and the lyrics come to life like the words of God. I can't wait for Hearken to put out a full length release. So keep your eyes open for this band.

These are just a few of the responses we have received. We want to Praise God for it, and give him all the Glory. For without him we are nothing.