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Hearken's Biography

Greetings from Hearken:   We are on a Metal Mission, not as just musicians but also as Ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our music will mean nothing in eternity, if we do it for our own glory. When God intrusts us with a Ministry, we are to use it to see the Kingdom of God established in this earth, and be wise stewards of it. Jesus said go unto all the world and preach the gospel, and these signs shall follow them that believe. His word will not return void. We have seen the Lord do many things at our concerts. From of course Salvation, to people being healed and delivered. This is a brief history of the band, otherwise it would take several pages. Remember, Jesus gets all the glory. We are nothing but clay being shaped as we submit to his will.

I went through an explosion on the 23rd of Oct. 1989, that killed 23 people at the Phillips Chemical Plant in Pasadena, TX. It was through the death of many close friends, and even a divorce, that God birthed our Ministry. We made our National debut at the ' 96 ' Michigan Mosh Fest. Since then we have had several line up changes, and done several Festivals. Though being brought up in Church, and being saved at the age of 5 after my mother died, it doesn't mean we have not been through the trash this world has to offer. We have previously released our Arise demo, and now our 1st full length Album "Nuclear Negligence". We are on hiatus as far as playing live until positions are filled, but are looking to record some more material with Schaun our previous bassist on Arise. Our drummer position is still open for the time being. Because we draw on the strength of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ, we are more than conquerors. We have found that the things of this world grow dim as we grow closer to the Lord.

Time is short the days are evil and Jesus is coming soon!