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Arise demo
      Dead in Christ rise first, then we that are alive will meet them in the air!
You can sample a low quality real player format of Arise & Discernment from our 1st demo Arise.
Download a few other songs from our Album Nuclear Negligence in Mp3 format. Click on Song Titles to download

It is Written    -    Filty Rags    -    Dissonant    -    Expendable    -    Solemn


Arise, let God arise, his enemies scatter. Beyond the depths of our existance, dwells a power the ancient of days. Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of host(X2). Sing unto the Lord a new song, and his praise to the ends of the earth. Let the inhabitants of the rock sing. Let them shout from the top of the mountain. The Lord shall go forth as a mighty man. Stirring up jealosy like a man of war. He shall cry yes roar. You have turned my mourning into dancing. To the end, that my glory may sing praise to thee and not be silent. You shall compass me about with songs of deliverance. For they that sow in tears, shall reap in joy. Let all the earth fear the Lord. Hate what is evil pride and arrogance. Humble yourself before the Lord. Do that what's pleasing in his sight. For if we walk in the spirit, we shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh(x2). Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Host(X2).

Isaiah 6:3, 43:10-13 Psalms 30:11,12; 33:8; 68:1 126:5 Proverbs 8:13 Galations 5:16


Can you discern the hour is near. I'll come again like a thief in the night. He'll come again but you live in denial, you live in denial (X2). The Lord will descend from heaven with a shout. The voice of the Ark Angel and trump of God. Dead in Christ rise first united with soul. We alive caught up to meet in the air. Forever will be with the Lord. Rejoice he's taken us home. Hear the word that's prophesied. Knowledge should not be denied. Cast aside the pride of life. Receive his blood sacrifice. Guard our desires with all of our life. Make us disciples blood bought cause of Christ. Send Holy fire to snuff out the night. An end time revival in all of our hearts.

I Thessalonians 4:16, 17 & 5:2

It Is Written

The devil taketh him up to the holy city. And setteth him on a pinnacle of the temple. He said cast yourself down the angels have charge concerning thee. Unto the tempter again he says it is written. Led up of the spirit in the wilderness to be tempted. 40 days and nights of fasting and afterward an hungered. Food and the kingdoms of this world had no control upon him. Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God and serve him only. Get out, Get out, Get out, get behind me (X4). Jesus gave no place to the tricks of the devil, he crushed him and conquered with the Holy word of God. Tempted like me and you he knows what we've gone through. His flesh in subjection to the sword of the spirit. Lies, the father of lies, forked tongue advise. Serpent of treason, he tempts when allowed his due season. Oppose resist leviathan, a rebel from old age. Make his weapons obsolete, bind him up and lock his cage. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we will suffer no defeat. satan your crushed and thrown to the ground, a low life scum doomed to crawl in the earth. Upon thy belly shalt thou go, dust shall you eat all the days of your life. You spin your web, trap your prey, in subtle disquise, till your last day. God's not forgotten you satan since you fell. He knows your time is short your condemned to hell. Your war against Heaven's a dismal struggle fought in vain. To bow down and serve a loser goes beyond a thought so lame. God has not forsaken me, but I have forsaken you. I refuse to live a lie, God I give my life to you. Belial ends in destruction (X2). Lord I want to be like you in what you say and what you do. Give me the power to speak like you, when you where tempted you said it is written. IT IS WRITTEN....

Filthy Rags

We are all as unclean things and our righteousness as filthy rags in his sight. But you oh Lord art our Father, we are the clay, you are the potter. Mold me and shape me into your image. Take my iniquities far from me. You are near those who work righteousness, and those who remember you in there ways. We renounce the sins of our father's, iniquities passed from generations. There's a longing inside a place of emptiness. The void that only you can fill. For there is none righteous no not one. Till we are washed, in the blood, of God's son. I dont want to sin, forgive me of my sin. Take my filthy rags, wash them in your blood. I surrender all with the deeds of the flesh. Sin will rot in hell with the maggot lord of flies. For to be carnally minded is death, enmity against God. Bringing us into our fleshly desires; condemnation. Knowing that Christ being raised from the dead dies no more. We are not under the law, but under grace!


So on and on the story goes, do what you want, do what your told Itís not for you to reason why, you learn to hate you feel denied More than an image in the mirror, a life thatís scarred becomes quite clear Never again proclaims the will, a bitter struggle fearful still Dissonant (X3) Clouded perception, mislead direction, - improvident - Selfish motives, a man of pride, grieve in your spirit, argue your side Escape the anguish, can the blind see, the truth revealed, vain philosophy Insanity, crying time, reality, inflicted fight Enoughís enough, so they say, are you the judge, on judgement day What gives you the right to say, and lead the way until that day Through feelings of presentiment, because of loss comes recompense Were not a God were only flesh, we must endure beyond the test


In the night of shadowed lands, ravaged cities ruined by greed Breathing sweat as terror comes, a horror of more forgotten ones Ignited by a fueling hate, history repeats the sins that fathers made Leading a life of selfish thoughts, captive from birth by whatís been taught Hear the prophesy, learn the prophesy know the prophecy, cant stop prophecy A Childs mind invaded perverted religion, objection is swallowed up by crimes of reason A scourge endures past on throughout generations It has only just be gun, the human race forgot the son, learning lies deceiving seed Godís of mammon fill your need, pleasure entangled deadly cost, sin to death, a soul is lost Latent hostility, inhabitantís fury, foaming at the mouth, spewing garbage out Butcher your breed, possessed blood stained hands, crazed psychopath, in a region of wrath Bloodshed from the beginning of man, opposing God corrupted plan Life is given to suicide, deliberate acts of genocide Given to serve a worthless deed, trusting a leader eroded dream Never thought to count the cost, dissipated itís your loss Are you forsaken, lead to your grave, lived in a lie Are you forgiven, only by God, who is your God, now you must choose Make the choice to serve the King of Kings, or his wrath will pour on you No more lying, no more hating no more fighting, no more killing, (no more dying X2)


For eternal life read Romans 10: 9-13